Abacá or Hemp from Manila (Musa textilis). It has white fibres, long and bright. It produces delicate and smooth papers of great strength.It tolerates the tincture well. Plant comes from Asia and tropical countries.

Price per Kg.:16.50 €


Abacá raw material

Originated in Ecuador. They are the leaves of the plant which we obtain the fibres. They can be boiled in a alkaline environment and when the fibres are out, we obtain dark fleshes that they can be used single or mixed, giving very original papers.

Price per Kg.:11 €

Cotton (Malvacea). Very long fibres, formed practically of pure cellulose (94-97%). Their fibres are white and opaque.It gives papers of great dimensional stability, very good to their graphic aplication. It tolerates well tinctures.

Price per Kg.: 13 €


Hemp (Canabis Sátiva). Plant used in making paper from time immemorial. It gives oily fibres and they form very strong papers.

Price per Kg.: 14.80 €


Hemp raw material (Estopa).

It is the estopa (similar to the scourer). It has to be boiled in an alkaline environment. It can be used single o mixed with other fibres giving very expresive papers.

Price per kg.: 6.61 €

Linen (Linum Usitatissimum) (Flax) A very traditional plant in the textil and paper industry. The old rags were used during centuries in the paper mills of all Europe. They can be moulded in sculptures due to their great length of fibre. As well as Hempt it gives very strong papers in the surface.

Price per Kg.: 14,36 €


Linen raw material (Estopa)(similar to scourer)

It is boilde in an alkaline medium. It can be used single or mixed. It acquires a deep dark colour. It consists of fibres and parts of barks giving very plastic results.

Price per Kg.: 6.91 €

Sisal (Agave Sisalana).

Originated in America, Yucatán. Short and very strong fibres. It gives very hard and strong papers. Mixed with fibres of cotton we obtain papers to apply in numerous artistic ways.

Price per Kg.: 11.36 €

Raw Sisal.

Like the previous one; but without whitening. It shows a light dark look. Mixed with other fibres, it gives expressive papers.

Price per Kg.: 11.36 €

Sisal raw material.

African Sisal. It is obtained brushing the sisal leaves. We have to cut and boil in an alkaline medium, obtaining fibres easily. It gives strong and silky papers.

Price per Kg.: 6.97 €

Jute (Cozshorus).

Fibres traditionaly used in every kind of clothing. Originated in Bangladesh, the paper industry has used it in form of sacks and wrapping due to its great strength.

Price per Kg.: 10.76 €

Raw Jute.

Like the previous one; but without whitening. Darker than raw sisal, it gives dark and very closed papers.

Price per Kg.: 10.76 €

Jute raw material.

Originated in Bangladesh. Long fibres of Jute. They have to be cut and boiled in alkaline medium. We obtain light dark fibres, giving strong and closed papers.

Price per Kg.: 7.15 €

Japanese Kozo (Broussonetia Papyrifera).

Long and white fibres, of exceptional quality. Used in the best papers, also used in restoring, it is one of the basis of the ancient paper tradition in Japan. These are fibres processed in little mills following the traditional techniques and methods of Japan.

Price per Kg.: 45 €

Philippine Gampi (Wikstroemia Diplomorpha).

Traditional fibre of Japan. Nowadays it is collected in Philippines. Translucent fibres of a great length they give very strong papers. It is necessary to employ an active-substance for helping to take form the sheet.


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